Collaborative Action Networks

Collaborative action networks are composed of practitioners across related fields of educational endeavor, drawn from schools, colleges, and educational non-profits; and are convened to encourage measurable improvement in educational outcomes. The team believes in this work. We are committed to continuing to show up, supporting the work of the network, and encouraging collaboration. If there is ever a time to collaborate, the time is certainly now.

Early Success Network.pptx

Early Success Network

Cincinnati has made a deep investment in evidence-based early childhood development initiatives. Several child development organizations, such as All Children Thrive, Every Child Succeeds, CAA, and Cincinnati Preschool Promise are demonstrating improved health and social outcomes for populations of children they serve. However, while the Cincinnati area is fortunate to have a host of formidable early learning networks, the landscape is siloed and difficult to navigate, particularly for the families who stand to benefit the most. If there were greater interdependence among them, their collective impact would be multiplied and improvement in learning outcomes would be accelerated.

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The College Consortium

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Ohio C2C Coalition

With funding from StriveTogether’s Strategic Initiatives Fund, Cradle To Career Cincinnati, in collaboration with Learn 2 Earn Dayton and the Summit Education Initiative in Akron, has worked over the past year to motivate and equip Ohio’s six cradle-to-career organizations to lead efforts to re-enroll individuals who “stopped-out” of college before obtaining a degree as part of Ohio’s efforts to increase the number of adults with a degree or credential from 44.6% to 65% by 2025.